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Why do I need an eye cream?


Many people wonder whether eye cream is necessary. Shouldn’t a good quality facial moisturiser suffice? While they can certainly provide results, eye creams are formulated specifically to tend to the skin around your eyes, which differs significantly from the rest of your face. The skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of your face because there are far fewer sebum (oil) glands in the area, making it very susceptible to environmental factors like UV rays and wind. Combine that with the fact that the area is involved in almost every facial expression we make, and the result is skin that dries out and creases very quickly.

Dermacuro's Bio-Active Restore Eye Contour Cream seeks to remedy this issue. Formulated to deliver anti-aging benefits and absorb quickly so it works well under makeup, its blend of concentrated botanic extracts acts to revitalise and tighten tired skin. Apply it twice daily to reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Using our Eye Contour Cream is simple. Begin by ensuring your skin is clean and dry before using your ring finger to massage a small amount of cream into your brow bone and just below your eye. Wait for it to be absorbed before applying any makeup. We recommend applying it once in the morning and at night for best results. Apply to the fragile skin on your lips and 1cm of surrounding skin to keep your lip skin in premium shape!

Baggy eyelids Eye Cream Puffy eyes

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Baggy eyelids Eye Cream Puffy eyes